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Anonymous asked: I felt gen was sad at the party is it just me or she really looked sad


I think it’s just you anon. she seemed happy to me :)

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Anonymous asked: I have to say, while I love Gen & I LOVE Gen & Jared together, all of the pics I'm seeing from the party show Gen with some negative body language. I haven't seen them all, but none of the pics I see w her & Jared together is her body facing him. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid & it doesn't mean anything cuz I think they are such a cute couple and have a beautiful family


I honestly don’t think it was negative body language. Yeah she seems angled away from Jared. But she poses like that quite often at events I’ve noticed.

Don’t think there is anything to worry about anon ;)

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Really wish Vicki was at the SPN 200 Party too though :(

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